About Arina Danielle


Who is Arina Danielle?

I have always been in love with candles.  They are so soothing and they also create a relaxing atmosphere.  I suffer from anxiety and candles have helped me to quiet my mind, to just be in the moment.  

Candles are also used for meditation and spiritual practices.  I myself am on a spiritual journey, where I incorporate my candles into my meditation routine.  Arina Danielle candles are made with love and you will be sure to experience just that.


Arina Danielle


What do we sell?

Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing candles that blend in perfectly with your home decor. 

Why do we sell candles and home decor?

Suffering from anxiety, candles have helped me to quiet my mind and to be in the moment.  There is nothing more relaxing than meditating while a wonderful smelling candle is burning in the background. Not only does it set the tone for the atmosphere but the scent radiates throughout the home.

Arina Danielle candles are the perfect accent piece that's multifunctional and will add that special touch of luxury and glam!